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From June 1st, 2021

My associate and I are now both into our 70s and we feel it may be time to close our shop in the not too distant future, put our feet up, and severely reduce our prices in an attempt to reduce our huge inventory.

We are now offering some prints equal to those found on many online auction sites.

Of course, there are some of our prints here that are very hard to get, and as such, they have not been as drastically reduced as we have with some of the others


Although we have 1200 Vanity Fair Prints listed on our site we have not listed all the around 2500 they produced. However we do have access to almost everyone of them. There are perhaps only around 10 of the rarest ones we may not be able to supply immediately.

Just email us details of the print you are looking for and we will almost certainly to be able to supply it for you.

Worldwide email :ACCOUNTS@TVFPC.COM