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The Vanity Fair Print Company

The home of Vanity Fair Prints, Vanity Fair Caricatures
and Vanity Fair Cartoons for the USA, UK and the rest of The World.

We began selling antique prints in Norwich Norfolk, on the east coast of the UK on September 15th 1985. We traveled all over the UK every weekend exhibiting at popular antique shows before securing a contact to work on American military installations in Belgium, Germany and Italy. After 4 years traveling all over Europe the logical progression was to establish a presence in the United States. We moved to the United States in 1994

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Our Shipping Times

All US shipping will now be on a Thursday/Friday and Saturday only.
All UK shipping should be checked in the link : CHECK LATEST SHIPPING INFORMATION on the left of this page.

The Vanity Fair Print Company will do everything it can to ensure your on-line shopping experience is as friendly, problem free and as comfortable as we can possibly make it. We stand by the condition of all our prints and will do what ever is necessary to ensure you are truly satisfied with your purchase.

All our Vanity Fair Prints are guaranteed to the original and antique and come with a copy of the biographical text issued with the print.

You may contact us anytime by email or phone and we will be happy to assist you with any help you may need.

Click on any of the images for a description of the print and an enlarged image.


Although we have 1400 Vanity Fair Prints listed on our site we have not listed all the around 2500 they produced. However we do have access to almost everyone of them. There are perhaps only around 10 of the rarest ones we may not be able to supply immediately.

Just email us details of the print you are looking for and we will almost certainly to be able to supply it for you.

Buying and shipping information

We are an American company based in Phoenix Arizona but also operate from the South Coast of the England to better serve our customers there and in Europe. All administrative paperwork and payment is processed here in the US though customers in Europe and the UK will have their prints shipped from/within the UK. All other worldwide shipments will be made from the US unless it proves more convenient and cost-effective to ship from United Kingdom.

Phone us on (602) 448-5639

To email us :